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"Engineer - a person who carries through an enterprise by skillful or artful contrivance", Merriam-Webster's Collegiate®  Dictionary.

Here you are in right place. We offer winning combination of outsourcing through USA domestic market and overseas, mostly in Russian Federation and other countries of former USSR. Outsourcing — for critical business processes is becoming common as a central strategic challenge. Businesses today need to respond to increased competition, increase agility, service customers more intimately, gain new competencies and reduce costs...

Elliya offers world-class offshore outsourcing and consulting services specializing in R & D, engineering development, design and manufacturing services and software development from Russia and other countries former USSR guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality.

But, this is not only one direction of Elliya's outsourcing activities. From other side, we are ready help build strong relationship between Russian companies and American partners. Russian companies good known as Hi-Tech developers and innovators often suffering from lack of financial and technological recourses.

Elliya's outsourcing services help mitigate risks and secure benefits through a structured, proven approach...

Is your organization built to outsource effectively? We can help!



Our Partners

G. O. International Air Services

As a highly diversified company we have lots of various services to offer to any kind of customers. But you should be absolutely certain that each of them provided by the specialists that act as an independent subsidiary or a partner. So do not worry about their quality - it is always the best


VECOR is the distributor of thin film coating equipment, thin film components, ion-beam and plasma equipment, optical shop equipment, optical components and coatings produced by leading Russian and former USSR manufacturers

The OJSC “Drill Plant”

The OJSC “Drill Plant” is a specialized enterprise on production of metal-cutting tools, and recognized best drill bits producer  in the Central Asia


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