Elliya, Inc. provides a full range of mechanical design services.  Our projects include part, mechanism, and machine design for a wide variety of industries, including automated equipment, consumer products, electronics, furniture, heavy industry, medical devices and implants, precision instruments, process industries, rotating machinery, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  We use both 2D and 3D design, and offer analysis and design optimization capabilities with FEA.

Part, Mechanism, and Machine Design

Elliya's projects range in scope from single part design up to complete machine and system design integration.  Our designs include miniature, precision parts for mechanical instrumentation to large housings and mechanisms for industrial inspection equipment.  We design single parts for integration into larger assemblies.  Elliya also provides full design services, from concept to completed engineering drawings and BOMs.  We specify purchase parts and hardware requirements.  We provide the appropriate level of  detail and precision to each design, from one-off prototype designs to fully ANSI toleranced production parts.

Motion and Power Transmission

Elliya designs linear motion and continuous motion machines and mechanisms.  We also design power transmission mechanisms and equipment.  We design systems with chain, belt, shaft, and pulley drives.  Elliya has extensive experience with rotating machinery and power transmission equipment.  Our design experience ranges from electromechanical energy storage devices to automobile transmissions.

Materials and Manufacturing Techniques

Elliya designs with a wide variety of materials and manufacturing techniques.  We know the proper materials to select for each application, from standard carbon steels for equipment platforms to nickel alloys for high temperature, corrosive service.  We also work with plastics, ceramics, and high-performance composite materials.  Elliya knows the proper design techniques for many joining and fastening processes, including simple bolted connections, soldering and brazing, bonding, and a variety of welding methods.


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