Our Global Sourcing Services

Customer/Vendor Matching:
The Network will first decide what area's of Russia have the best capacity to handle the client’s work. We will then match the client’s specific needs to the most appropriate vendors in those regions to insure a smooth, cost-effective outsourcing transition. Our intimate knowledge of these facilities will enable us to get our clients the lowest pricing while still maintaining the quality standards you demand.
Our detailed knowledge of Russian manufacturing capabilities nationwide, our close vendor relationships, and our multi-office competitive quoting practices enable us to find the most competitive, high quality vendor that can meet our client’s outsourcing needs. All we require is engineering drawings and/or samples to give you hard numbers on the savings you will realize.
Pre-Production Samples:
Pre-production samples are delivered to our client to insure satisfaction before any product run is made. If necessary, adjustments will be made to the prototype so our client has complete confidence in the quality of product they will receive.
Strict adherence to product REV levels is maintained so our clients are assured they will receive the quality they expect.
Product Quality Control:
All product is inspected to insure it matches the quality standards of the pre-production samples.
The Network will arrange to ship product using specified vendors or handle shipping arrangements at client’s cost. If “just in time” delivery is required, we have vendors that will provide this service.
Rapid Customer Service:
As many of our staff work in Russia, the answers to many of your technical questions are answered by the time you arrive at work in the morning.
Design Services:
We can help you take ideas from concept through production and packaging – utilizing the most cost efficient methods available.

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