Elliya offers world-class offshore outsourcing and consulting services specializing in R & D, engineering development, design and manufacturing services and software development from Russia and other countries former USSR guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality.

But, this is not only one direction of Elliya's outsourcing activities. From other side, we are ready help build strong relationship between Russian companies and American partners. Russian companies good known as Hi-Tech developers and innovators often suffering from lack of financial and technological recourses.

Elliya's outsourcing services help mitigate risks and secure benefits through a structured, proven approach...

Elliya is the world's first company dedicated to assisting companies builds shareholder value through innovative offshore solutions. Using a combination of skills in strategy, technology, project management and implementation, our client teams help mitigate risks and secure cost and quality benefits through a structured approach. Our solutions are executed with extensive onsite and offshore client collaboration. In situations where third party vendors are involved, our solutions are vendor neutral. The end result is an offshore solution that is consistent with our clients’ overall strategic objectives.

Since 2001, the founders of Elliya have successfully helped several companies move business processes offshore, often times resulting in operational cost savings of over 75%. What really distinguishes Elliya in the offshore marketplace are four important factors: the ability to offer a comprehensive portfolio of offshore entry strategies; our Russia expertise; our proven Elliya Methodologies;  and our world-class service delivery partners - all of which are critical to helping clients manage more effectively and building shareholder value.

Offshore Entry Strategies

New international markets offer companies opportunities to improve competitive positioning and to increase shareholder value whether it be through new revenue streams or the ability to improve cost structures. Although each solution will be customized depending on our clients' needs, Elliya offers four broad entry strategies into Russia.

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Why Source with us?

Our Global Sourcing Services

 Russia as the greatest outsourcing partner

 A word of caution:

Not all products are appropriate for outsourcing. The cost of raw materials are about the same almost any place in the world. Very often products are required additional efforts to start manufacturing (translation to ISO drawing format,  transfer standards and system of measurement). Shortest way to the item to be sourced must include tooling and/or require assembly, packaging, or some other labor-intensive add-on to achieve significant reductions. Finally, small runs are only efficient if the product is complicated.

Why Source with us?
Russia's major advantage over other common offshore development and manufacturing locales is the technical skills and education of its workforce. Russia has more personnel working in R&D than any other country. Many of these engineers have solid experience and accomplishments in advanced nuclear, space, military, energy and communications projects.
Our Global Sourcing Services
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Russia as the greatest OP
With outsourcing to offshore development firms becoming a mainstream practice, competition is definitely growing from Russia in high-end, as well as low-end work. US companies beginning to see offshore firms successfully go up against the big American consulting and integration firms for development and integration jobs.

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